Green project

this is the band

At the end of autumn of '99 the three of us decided to work on a project, previously started by Dorjan & Tomi.

In fact, this story started sometime, somewhere in summertime of the same year. Dorjan was desperately seeking for a bass player to enrich his home recordings. He knew Tomi since '96, but never thought he would help him anyway. He brought a tape (recorded at home on a Yamaha MT400) to a common friend of theirs, Ruža K. Tomi listened to the music & liked it, so he decided to help by trying to find a bass player for him. After a few incouraging Ruža's words (she knew that Tomi's band E-MET was in ruin), he decided to help him himself, but only with programming the Boss Dr Rythm (a very small rythm machine). Just that ... of course! When they had programmed six songs, Tomi decided to play some bass guitar on a few songs but he eventually played it on all recordings. One thing led to another ... so they started thinking - How about another guitar ... another sound ... another way of playing ?


ZaCK ! The rehersals started in Dorjan's room. After two weeks they realised they would soon be ready to play. For the special event they picked a local music club called Mamma's bar.
OK. ... everything was great but something was missing. Tomi had at home his girlfriend Eva - actually E-MET's singer - at the momentum doing nothing. She was jelaous, so to make her keep good and quiet, they decided to put her on a test: If she wrote a lyric for one song, she could join in. So the first poem called Neverending winter was created and it was this song that really brought together the band named - Green project.

AUCH !  Six songs are not enough for a half an hour presentation ! Lets make another one ... or better two ... three the topmost !! At the end they recorded twelve songs (two of them E-met's songs) that's app. an hour of music. Eva wrote lyrics for two songs, Tomi for another three ones & they were ready !!


If they wanted to reherse propperly they had to move out of Dorjan's bedroom into his aunt's garage, where Dorjan used to work (grey economy, black market). They worked hard for another two weeks & finally - on december, 18 th they made their first appearance in public - at Mamma's bar ... but this is a story for ...